Numerous studies have established that cultural diversity is directly linked to innovation, performance and engagement. Ancestry Atlas provides a crucial starting point for managing diversity in your organisation.

The Ancestry Atlas is a new program that Cultural Infusion adds to its multi-award-winning suite of digital tools.

With over 20 years’ experience in diversity and cultural development, we are in a strong position to support you to analyse the profile of your organisation, and provide you with structural and strategic recommendations to promote intercultural understanding in your workforce. With technology on our side, we provide analytical and comparative tools to assess your present situation and help you to plan a customised approach that will maximise the benefits of diversity for your organisation.

Through comparative demographics we will help you clearly understand your organisation’s cultural fit to its objective markets in order to maximise the potential for capitalisation and expansion into new markets.

So much potential can be unlocked through an adequate diversity strategy.

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Some of the consultancy services we deliver:

  • Customised dimensions and maps 
  • Data gathering
  • Data analysis and recommendations
  • Assessment of training requirements
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Comparative analyses
  • Demographic profiles and industry benchmarking
  • Development and assessment of diversity standards and policies